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They treat our brand as if it were their own

Laser Sight Digital has taken over our Amazon Advertising in every way, including the day-to-day keyword bidding, competitor campaigns, different campaign types, short and long term strategies, reporting, and consistently share with us the latest findings and features that Amazon provides. They've been hitting all of our ROAS goals and metric goals. We would recommend them to anyone looking for this kind of service.

We are on track to increase revenue by about 30% this year

We have seen a drastic increase in one of our poorer performing SKUs, so much so that we ran out of inventory. They have really become a partner for our Amazon business. They listen and are always available. They go above and beyond and I would recommend them to anyone looking to amp up their Amazon sales.

The Arm that made things happen for our company on Amazon

The team there has been more than just an extension of ours. At times they have been 'The Arm' that made things happen for our company on Amazon. I would recommend Laser Sight to anyone that wants a white glove service with a get it done attitude. They get results first and foremost and thats what you need to know. 5 Stars no question about it!

Most impressively, Laser Sight truly feels like a partner and genuinely cares about our success.

Laser Sight was able to take us to the next level while still being flexible enough for the specific needs of our business. With Laser Sight, we saw an immediate boost in ad performance. Our ROAS goals were met and exceed and our company has seen growth not only in ad sales but in organic sales and category rankings. I can see that they invest in trying new things to figure out what works in our space, and in addition, their depth of experience is outstanding. They are truly Amazon experts.

They increase our ROAS by 4x in the first couple of months.

My biggest struggle with Amazon was feeling like we aren't maximizing our dollars on advertising. I felt very taken care of and in situations I needed them, they would hold my hand and go the extra mile on top of maximizing our amazon advertising campaigns on Amazon. Their goal is building more sales for you. They increased our ROAS by 4x times in the first couple of months. Joe is a personable guy, I felt good working with him, he's very hands on and there's no delay in working with him. Even during Black Friday he was very responsive.

95% increase in sales YoY! On track for more double-digit growth

We are seeing major increases in sales. The team at Laser Sight Digital is easy to work with and relay any concerns to them. Their willingness to help is impressive. We have increased our sales tremendously since working with Joe and Laser Sight. We recommend them to anyone looking to grow your sales.

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