Successful Q4 Client Launch: 50% Improvement in RoAS by Month 3 – Case Study for Promptly Journals

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The Final Result

We achieved an 83% increase in Ad Sales (+$67,000) for Q4 2022. RoAS improved by 50% Year-over-year in Month 3 (December), taking advantage of the Holiday season. We saw a 17% increase in Total Retail Sales (+$50,000) for Q4 with a 26% increase in Units Ordered. CPC dropped by 29% compared to Q4 2021, with impressions seeing a 218% year-over-year increase!

Brand Overview

In mid-September 2022, Promptly Journals, a brand in the journals industry, partnered with Laser Sight Digital. The goal was to implement a comprehensive, segmented, multi-funnel strategy leveraging the whole catalog in order to achieve a successful Q4 sales period along with efficient spending.

In this case study, we dive into how Laser Sight Digital leveraged its knowledge and expertise to create and implement a granular campaign structure and strategy that led to successfully achieving both RoAS and Sales Growth for Q4.

The Challenges

We audited the ad account and discovered that campaigns were not well segmented and the brand was previously not taking full advantage of Sponsored Brands ads. General campaign structure and targeting were lacking. Some ASINs suffered automatic updates from Amazon that temporarily restricted them from advertising, causing some swings in ad spend and traffic. October was just around the corner and we needed to launch ASAP.

We needed to get listings eligible for advertising, drive traffic, discovery, and conversion. But most importantly, the client needed the brand to drive top-line revenue and improve the bottom line in order to keep justifying ad spend on the platform.

The Approach

After strategic segmentation of the product catalog, identifying winning ASINs, and conducting thorough targeting research, we did a granular, full-funnel campaign launch.

  1. We diversified ad types, match types, and targeting types while leveraging the full catalog (over 100 ASINs). We wanted to give all products and variations a test drive.
  2. As segmentation and targeting were previously lacking, we did not have a lot of statistically significant data that could assist us with our optimizations early in the launch phase, so we decided to take a conservative approach in terms of budget and bidding increases by starting with minimal working figures and ramping up from there.
  3. We leveraged a beautiful and well-curated collection of lifestyle images in Sponsored Brands Custom Creatives, helping boost brand awareness and consideration

The Impact

We were able to achieve double-digit growth in Ad Sales and Total Retail Sales for Q4 2022. As we dived deeper into campaigns and newly collected data, we began optimizing advertised ASINs, targeting, budgets, and bids, leading to RoAS improving by 50% year-over-year in Month 3 (December) and seeing a 29% decrease in CPC, making the most of the Holiday season.


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