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Brand Overview

Started by a father-daughter duo who loves to create functional and stylish products. The father has more than 150 patents under his belt and the daughter has some of her own as well! They were doing Amazon Ads on their own and knew they needed to take it to the next level. And we definitely took it to the next level with them.

The Challenges

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Advertising – the client was already running their own advertising campaigns but they knew they needed to elevate their ad placements in the marketplace. Their listings were being targeted by competitors quite heavily and they needed a way to fight them off. The client also had a loft goal of achieving a 5x ROAS, which they struggled to do consistently prior to working with us. 

Amazon Store – the brand store had some layout challenges that were keeping the client from increasing visibility and sales. They needed to find a design and layout that increase conversion rates and customer experience. 

The Approach

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We started by auditing their listings, along with analyzing the market and its competitors. We then implemented the following:

1. Listing Optimization

  • We audited the client’s listings and provided feedback on areas of improvement. The client was also launching a brand new ASIN during Q4 (yes, during Q4). 
  • By providing feedback on Amazon listing best practices, the client’s team was able to implement high-intent keywords in their title, bullets, and description/A+ content.

2. Advertising

  • We created strong campaign architecture with the main keywords. We also created competitor targeting campaigns, video campaigns, and defensive campaigns to eliminate our competition from attacking our listings with ad placements. This allowed us to avoid customers from jumping to our competitor listings.
  • Furthermore, we created our unique top of search campaigns to allow our products to get the top placement on page 1 on Amazon. This led to higher CTR% and ultimately, higher rankings in our subcategory.
  • We spent our budget strategically on nonbranded keywords to drive net new customers to the brand.
  • Constant PPC optimization across all campaign types to drive brand awareness and conversion (sales is the game!)

The Impact

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Not only did we hit their KPI goals and perform higher than a 5x ROAS, but we also increased sales so much that they ran out of stock on their main product. However, being the savvy Amazon Ads Agency we are, we were able to allocate budget towards other products in a timely manner. Here are some performance stats:

  • Increased sales by 30% in the first two months
    • So far this year, we are averaging a 37% increase YoY in overall retail sales. On track for 40% YoY growth in sales.
  • Increased ROAS by 13% within the first month of working together
    • currently, we have continued to increase ROAS as this is an ongoing engagement
  • Ad sales increased by 50%
  • Soft Stats (Year-over-Year comparisons)
    • Ad Impressions increased by 40%
    • Ad Orders increased by 16%
    • CPC is decreased by 21% (we get cheap clicks 😊)
    • Clicks increased by 70% 
    • CTR% increased by 37% 

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