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How do you manage pricing, inventory, ratings, and reviews on Walmart Marketplace while trying to reach more shoppers? An experienced Walmart marketing agency like Laser Sight Digital creates the perfect campaign for your store and taps your brand’s potential.

Making your business stand out amongst the 60 million products and counting on the platform takes time and effort. Implementing effective advertising methods in this marketplace could help drive more sales and boost revenue.

Would you like to replicate your Amazon efforts on Walmart but don’t know where to begin? Laser Sight Digital helps your business effectively advertise on the ecommerce giant and dominate the market.

We apply campaign structures, keyword optimization, and product promotion to design a plan around your store’s goals. Our team drives measurable return on investment (ROI) and builds brand recognition by scaling your business for long-term success.

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Why is Walmart Marketplace the best ecommerce platform to build your brand?

There are many online platforms for sellers to choose from, but Walmart offers benefits that others can’t beat. Walmart marketplace is putting pressure on Amazon and it now ranks second in ecommerce market share.

Thanks to its brand recognition and established infrastructure, Walmart provides businesses with tremendous opportunities to meet their objectives. Here are other top reasons you should consider onboarding your company with the retailer.

No monthly fees for sellers

One of the most significant advantages of selling on Walmart Marketplace is that you don’t pay a subscription fee.

Unlike other platforms imposing monthly or annual listing charges, Walmart only levies a referral fee for each sale your business makes. The rate varies from 6–20%, depending on the product’s price and category.

This rule sets marketing on Walmart apart. You only pay the retailer when your store earns income, allowing you to take home more profits by eliminating overheads.

Leverage Walmart’s brand value

Walmart commands an impressive presence in the ecommerce domain. While selling on the platform, you’re accessing a customer base that already trusts the retailer. Leverage this confidence to increase the authority of your own brand. 

When shoppers visit the marketplace to browse, your listings look almost the same as Walmart’s. These visuals help you build a solid reputation and credibility among your customers. 

Exposure to new audiences

Walmart Marketplace received an average of 410 million unique visits from August to October 2022. This figure shows selling on the platform broadens your business’s reach and digital footprint and exposes you to new audiences.

Customers frequently peruse Walmart’s site looking for a great deal, as the retailer built its brand around saving money. Offering competitively-priced products is likely to gain new clients and increase your conversions.

Less competition

Competitors saturate online marketplaces, trying to get customers to purchase their products. As Walmart is selective about the companies it allows to list products on its site, there are fewer contenders for visitors’ attention.

Although it’s a challenge to be accepted to sell on Walmart Marketplace, the long process is worth it. Your business has less competition and can obtain more leads than on other platforms.

Earn more conversions

Walmart offers stores the opportunity to get more relevant leads than their competitors by earning the buy box. This feature is a fast way of encouraging customers to purchase your products.

Winning the buy box depends on your pricing, which should be lower than other stores. Our Walmart marketing agency can help you implement tools that ensure your listings remain competitive and keep them ranking high in searches.

Types of Walmart Marketplace advertising

Laser Sight Digital has a long history of adopting and growing our clients on various marketplace channels. We work with you to optimize your revenue generation and extend your reach. 

Here are the four types of advertisements our team can help you implement on Walmart Marketplace to promote your business.

1. Performance ads

Walmart Performance Ads (WPAs) allow your store to advertise its products to shoppers across based on a pay-per-click program. When a shopper types in a relevant term, your items appear under a sponsored product banner.

WPAs don’t rely on keywords but rather adopt automatic targeting options similar to the approach used by Amazon. Walmart finds the best phrases for your campaign to target based on its enormous amount of available data.

Popular placements of these ads include:

  • Browse pages
  • Search results
  • Product detail pages
  • Homepages

2. Catapult ads

When aiming to increase Walmart sales, our agency also implements catapult ads for your store. These options are similar to product display promotions, with your merchandise pushed to the top of the list of relevant products. 

Catapult ads use categories to determine the relevancy of your items in the marketplace. These options help increase your market share against competing brands. 

3. Native banner ads

Sellers can partner with the Walmart Media Group to increase brand awareness through native banner ads. Stores collaborating with the retailer can showcase their businesses at the top of category pages alongside several products.

4. Site search feature ads

This option promotes your store on a related product page. A page featuring your items pops up when a visitor clicks the advertisement. Site search features ads help your business drive sales and promote your brand.

Why you should advertise on Walmart Marketplace

Our Walmart marketing services build the business and bottom line you’re looking for. Using Laser Sight Digital’s advertising strategies when selling on the platform makes the most of your audience and quickly boosts sales.

Take a look at why you should allow us to help your store thrive on Walmart, creating the exposure you crave.

Support organic presence

Using paid advertising on Walmart Marketplace supports your organic presence to ensure your products show at the top of results pages. 

The retailer’s algorithm is getting more sophisticated, and some big changes are on the cards as the platform gains traction among sellers. We help you ensure your listings are optimized for success and seen as quality content.

Aid low-performing SKUs

Stock keeping units (SKUs) not performing at their best could gain a crucial visibility increase through targeted advertisements. Walmart sellers and their marketing agencies can implement paid campaigns highlighting your items in customer searches.

Cost-per-click programs promote your listings and affordably boost sales of struggling listings.


When you participate in Walmart Sponsored Products, you receive access to a dashboard that tracks performance metrics. It displays analytics that measure ROI over a 3, 15, 30, or 90-day period and alters campaign budgets.

This data gives us the insight and statistics to effectively plan your Walmart advertising strategy. 

Test new products

Stores looking to expand their catalogs have to test new products to grow their businesses sustainably. Advertising on Walmart Marketplace helps you get your new ideas in front of your customers to spark your sales. 

Including an additional bonus, like free two-day shipping, could result in even more successful conversions.

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Our tricks for increasing your reach on Walmart Marketplace

We can’t create a great brand overnight, but we know what it takes to get the results you’re searching for. We apply our unique methodology to optimize your Walmart advertising strategy around your business and selling points.

Here are some of our tested tricks that help you achieve your targets using Walmart ads.

Begin with automatic campaigns

An automatic campaign is a wonderful way to begin using Walmart advertisements. The approach is straightforward because the retailer finds relevant keywords based on your product listings. 

This data is useful when setting up more refined promotions later to deliver the best results for your business.

Optimize for searches

The placement of your advertisements depends on your search engine optimizations (SEO). If you want your items to appear in Walmart Marketplace search results, they should rank organically in the first 128 listings.

Becoming an exceptional Walmart supplier centres on optimizing your product pages and creating a better user experience by:

  • Delivering excellent service
  • Earning positive reviews from your customers
  • Providing fast, reliable shipping
  • Setting competitive prices

Have patience

Online marketing can sometimes produce instant results, but your digital ads are more likely to take time to reach peak performance. We recommend waiting for at least 30 days before analyzing your Walmart marketing strategy.

During this month, we gather data to investigate your campaigns and make improvements later. Remember that while practicing patience, you should still optimize product listings and stay up-to-date with your inventory. 

Accelerate your Walmart ecommerce

The Laser Sight Digital team provides your business with an effective way to reach your audience on Walmart Marketplace. As the platform evolves, your online store requires a tried and tested Walmart marketing agency to increase your advertising opportunities.

We’re happy to help you compare your options and establish whether your products are performing at their best. Contact us today to learn more about gaining a competitive advantage at Walmart.

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