Google Ads Services

Gain more visibility and help people find your brand first through Google Search. Tailor your Google Shopping experience to drive sales across your entire catalog.

Stay in front of your audience
(and above the competition)

Strengthen your search performance with smarter audience and keyword targeting, with advanced ad testing. Elevate your Google reach through our performance-driven Google Shopping strategies.

Google Ads Services

Take your search impact to the next level.

We don’t just focus on metrics—we know that you need to be on the top position on the SERP (search engine results page). This means we are constantly optimizing around your business goals with a proper account structure and budget allocation that gives you the best results in the game.

That means no plug-and-play strategy. Our methodology includes strategic planning and forecasting based on account history, competitive analysis, market research, and proprietary data.

Targeting beyond keywords.

Google Ads is not just about search terms—that’s why we develop highly relevant campaigns to meet them where they’re at. This involves segmenting audiences and keywords (with multiple targeting layers) that let you reach more customers and guide them from search to conversion with ease.

Our approach allows you to understand your audiences better than ever, using cross-channel insights plus keyword research that includes historical account data, competitor research, and platform tools.

Test, optimize, and repeat.

Google Ads and Google Search is always changing. That’s why it’s critical to have an expert team on your side that understands the latest developments and knows how to play them to your advantage.

We keep you ahead of the game with proactive testing that includes market research, cross-channel insights, and iterative optimizations to increase your search performance for the long term.

Product-level strategies to fuel shopping success.

Laser Sight Digital’s advanced segmentation strategies break out each product listing into precise keyword buckets to power your entire shopping funnel. This is how we can focus on optimizing based on relevancy and results.

We’ll also prioritize your stronger-performing products so you can bid efficiently, improve your budget allocation, and maximize ROI.

Get the ultimate edge on Google Shopping.

Cross-channel collaboration is a must in order to grow your brand and get smarter growth insights. We create feed-driven programs that support other channels like Affiliate, Facebook Ads, and Display to help you learn more and grow smarter. 

Say goodbye to roadblocks and hello to optimized performance at every level. 

Understand Your Goals

What does success mean to you? Is it measured in leads, sales, or brand awareness? We work with you to develop a deep understanding of what you are trying to accomplish. 

We know that sales is the ultimate objective but if you’re focused on new product launches or growing your brand’s visibility, we develop a custom plan to help you take your business to the next level through Google ads and shopping management. 

Google Ads Services
Google Ads Services

Shopping Ads & Optimization

Whether its through product listing ads, showcase ads, or smart shopping, we know what it takes to optimize your Google shopping strategy so you can reach your relevant customer through each step of their purchase journey.

We review your historic and competitor data to ensure our next optimization is helping your shopping campaigns gain the relevant impression share.

Track Brand Lift and New Customers

Our isolation strategies are set up to capture both brand and non-brand traffic. This allows us to track customers that are new and those who are aware of your brand. 

Deeper audience segmentation and isolation strategies boost your performance incrementally. Our proprietary campaign structure allows us optimal relevancy and results

Google Ads Services

Partnership you can trust.

Transparency should be a given in an agency relationship. You’ll always know where every dollar is spent and what you’re getting in return. We allocate and optimize spend across Google Ads and Google Shopping placements to locate your most responsive audiences.

One thing is for certain; you’ll always know where your ad dollars are going and the performance behind those figures. Check out our Google Advertising Agency today!

Level up your learning.

From insights to the latest tactics and best practices, we have everything you need to know to gain a competitive advantage on Google.

Even better together.

Your customer doesn’t live on one channel, which is why our services work holistically for maximum results. For Google Advertising, we’re partial to these pairings.

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