Facebook Advertising Services

Full-service social solutions that move your audience beyond likes. Targeted solutions for every phase of the Facebook Ads funnel.

Get your brand in front of more potential fans.

Strengthen your relationship with new and current customers through Facebook ads and our expert strategy activated by brilliant creative ads. Take advantage of our Facebook Advertising Services today! 

Facebook Advertising Services

The most efficient way to get results.

What sets us apart from lots of advertisers is what they lack; a systematic approach to testing that drives real results. From creative execution to audience segmentation, our team helps you maintain a competitive edge.

We track all performance indicators to get a holistic view of your Facebook advertising performance. 

A solution for every stage of the journey.

No matter where you’re at in the business—or where your customers are in the funnel—our Facebook Advertising services are designed to drive your efforts holistically. From awareness to consideration to conversion, our team helps align your offer with the appropriate audience using effective ad creatives at every touchpoint. 

We work across industry verticals with everyone from startups and direct-to-consumer brands to Fortune 500 companies.

Target your ideal audience

Our Facebook Ads service allows your brand to get your message in front of the correct audience. Aligning your business with your audience allows us to increase the traffic to your brand.

Through sophisticated customer audiences and segmentation, you’ll find out exactly who resonates strongly with your brand. 

Get the ultimate edge on Facebook.

We don’t mean to brag, but we’ve been working with Facebook Advertising since 2010. You can say we know a thing or two about what works and so we have an understanding of the Facebook Algorithm.

Our team understands what inputs are required to be successful on Facebook and how to strategically move your business towards its goals. Laser Sight Digital is your agency for Facebook Ads. 

Make every dollar count.

We work with your B2B or B2C in-house team to scale your business at every stage of the Facebook advertising funnel. From reaching new audiences to engaging past purchasers. 

Because we spend your money like it’s our own. From the experts we have to the ad types we use, we customize the strategy to your goals, audience, and vertical. 

We will help turn Facebook into one of your most profitable channels. 

Facebook Advertising Services
Facebook Advertising Services

Target your ideal customer.

We can help you identify new audiences through our prospecting campaign strategies and use lookalike audiences (LALs), other customer audiences, and interest targeting. As well as re-engage anyone who has interacted with your brand through sophisticated re-engagement targeting. 

Bottom line, you’ll finally found out what your ideal audience is and how they interact with your business.

Creative is critical.

We know what creative works and what type of ads don’t. We’ve been doing Facebook Ads since 2010 to help direct your creative in the right direction. Our approach allows you to continuously improve your creative performance and test new ad types.

From carousel ads, video, image, text overlay in addition to instagram story ads, we’ve got you covered.

Facebook Advertising Services
Facebook Advertising Services

Partnership you can trust.

Transparency should be a given in an agency relationship. You’ll always know where every dollar is spent and what you’re getting in return. We allocate and optimize spend across Facebook and Instagram placements to locate your most responsive audiences.

One thing is for certain; you’ll always know where your ad dollars are going and the performance behind those figures.

Level up your learning.

From social platform insights to the latest tactics and best practices, we have everything you need to know to gain a competitive advantage on Facebook.

Even better together.

Your customer doesn’t live on one channel, which is why our services work holistically for maximum results. For Facebook Advertising, we’re partial to these pairings.

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