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Elevate your Amazon SEO using today's best practices to get your products seen by more customers.

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Strengthen your search visibility on Amazon with our best-in-class keyword research and listing optimization. Our clients start seeing immediate lifts in sessions and clicks after optimizing their Amazon listings with our end to end listing optimizations.

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What We’ll Do to Optimize Your Listing:

  • Title, bullets (product features) & product description optimization
  • A+ Content Design with 500 words of crawlable text
  • 6 fully optimized graphics images
  • Back-end search terms
  • Full back-end setup and audit

Increase your conversion rates

Do you have any underperforming new or existing listings? Our team of experienced Amazon specialists can help you. 

What is an Full Amazon Listing Optimization?

A full Amazon listing optimization is a process of updating both the back-end and front-end of an Amazon product detail page (PDP). It includes optimizing and changing the title, bullets, description, images, A+ content, and back-end content. These changes will result in improving search visibility on Amazon, and increase your click-through rate & conversion rate, so you can generate more sales on Amazon. 

Benefits of Our Service

Benefits of Crawlable Text

Crawlable text is the highlightable text within the product descriptions and details included within your A+ Content.

It’s very important to have crawlable text within your A+ content.

  1. An A+ content design that uses only images and infographics may look eye-catching. But what use is a pretty image if no one is looking at it? Crawlable (highlightable) text directly impacts your Amazon listing’s SEO ranking. This will allow your A+ Content (and your listing) to index within the Amazon search algorithm and also the Google search algorithm. So you can have your listing index in both places. 

  2. A+ content designs with heavy crawlable text are very informative, and you can use this space to tell a story. What is your brand?  What is this product? How does one use this product appropriately? How can the product benefit your life? 

Brand Story Module for A+ Content

This section is displayed at the top of your A+ content and it is horizontally scrolling. It uses carousel modules with text and images. This is a place for you to inform customers of your brand and highlight important products. 

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