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Take your Amazon PPC game to the next level with the industry's most comprehensive Amazon Ads program.

Get your products on page 1 with our Amazon marketing agency

Online shopping moves at a rapid pace, and so does your target audience. This is why you need an Amazon marketing agency to help get your products at the top of the search results. 

So how would working with Laser Sight Digital help boost your Amazon sales? It’s simple, we’ll get your brand the necessary boost required to get the Flywheel Effect in motion.

Amazon PPC agency

What seems like small wins in your business build up over time and become more significant. As they grow and gain momentum, they impact more wins. This is what we refer to as the Flywheel Effect. 

When using our Amazon marketing services, our team puts a plan in motion to start this effect. The first step is to use strategic content and SEO to boost traffic to your Amazon page.

More traffic converts to increased sales and higher organic search engine rankings. These small wins, when compounded, result in increasing your Amazon product ranking. 

We use this cyclical system to help our clients reach their Amazon PPC goals and boost sales. 

We don’t mean to brag, but our Amazon sales agency has been at it for more than six years. During that time, we’ve developed our services in every facet of Amazon PPC and content SEO.

As Laser Sight Digital, our team understands what it takes to be successful in the Amazon marketplace. We also know how to develop and implement strategies to move your business toward its goals. 

But don’t just settle for the process, here’s what you’ll get when you work with our Amazon marketing agency

Drive results on Amazon

When it comes to marketing on Amazon, we use data-supported keyword, product, and category analysis to develop a targeted strategy. This approach eliminates unnecessary spending and inefficiencies while identifying which areas of your catalog to focus on scaling. 

By generating maximum scalability for your Sponsored Product and Sponsored Brand campaigns, we drive measurable ROI and brand recognition. We’ll use your account and catalog objectives to develop a granular campaign structure.

Amazon PPC agency
Amazon PPC agency

Increase product rank

As an Amazon seller marketing agency, we understand that the only indicator of success is your product sales. This can only be achieved when your products are visible. 

We find the best-suited keywords for your brand to optimize your listings and create sponsored advertising campaigns. Through these proven methods, we increase product rankings and get your products in front of a larger audience of potential customers.

Our team also uses our unique and proprietary Amazon Advertising campaigns to ensure you get your product to Page 1 on Amazon.

After implementing these optimizations in your Amazon store, we track the performance metrics. With this data, we’ll determine which aspects of the campaign need to be adjusted for improved performance. 

Marketplace expertise you can trust

Since launching our Amazon marketing agency in 2012, our team of experts have worked on adapting and growing clients on marketplace channels. We are dedicated to working with you to achieve your Amazon goals. 

Not only do we work with businesses to develop their brand, but also do good in their communities. Through these long-term relationships, we build partnerships that produce the best results over time. 

What sets us apart from other agencies with Amazon marketing services? Our team’s expertise and track record of success over the years. You can rest assured that your business is in good hands. 

Amazon PPC agency
Amazon PPC agency

Build your brand…and your bottom line.

At Laser Sight Digital, we know what a good brand looks like, and we understand that it isn’t built overnight. Through years of experience, we know what it takes to get your brand to where you want it to be. 

With our unique methodology for campaign structure, keyword optimization, and product promotion, we’ll build an advertising strategy designed to meet your goals. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Most frequent questions and answers

From an outside perspective, digital marketing agencies may start to look alike. There are thousands of digital marketing agencies alone, and that doesn’t take into consideration the agencies that offer just one service, like PPC or social media management. All our team members are certified in Amazon Ads and Laser Sight Digital is a verified Amazon Ads Partner Agency. We also hold certifications in Walmart Ads and Google Ads. 

Here is how we differentiate Laser Sight Digital: We get a lot of leads from our own marketing efforts (we are an inbound marketing agency, after all), but we put the greatest effort into pursuing relationships with enterprise brands that want results and have a longterm strategy in mind. Our core values are transparency, accountability, and performance. Not only are we managing your advertising campaigns, but we are also making recommendations on how you can grow your sales on the channel outside of advertising. This consultative approach alone has been worth the price of admission for our folks (based on client feedback and reviews). 

When we work together, we make a commitment to your brand’s growth. There’s no cookie-cutter formula here at Laser Sight Digital. Simply put, we’re set apart by the level of experience our team offers and our track record of success.

We do not just have one “type” of a client. We don’t limit clients based on their size alone but on the size of their goals. So if you’re serious about scaling a brand or an established enterprise business – then we’re probably on the same page.

Oftentimes, the companies we work with are looking for immediate growth and do not want to go through the costly process of hiring internal members and having to ‘navigate the Amazon jungle themselves’. Bottom line, we shortcut your road to success.

If you’re an eCommerce brand looking for ‘the real deal’ in an advertising agency, then let’s talk. We currently offer the following management services:

  • Amazon Ads
    • Amazon PPC
    • Amazon DSP
    • Amazon Attribution (external traffic back to Amazon)
  • Walmart Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Email Marketing

Interested? Then click here to book a call with us.

All of our client engagements include a Marketing strategist, which will your main point of contact. If there is one thing about us you’ll learn, is that we OVER-communicate. There’s nothing worse for a brand that hires an agency and then never hears from them again until the next scheduled meeting. In fact, we’ve had many brands switch have come from previous ‘nightmare agency stories’ and they say we are a ‘breath of fresh air’.

We are always available via email and zoom call to chat with our clients. Other than the constant feedback and communication, we offer a bi-weekly call with reporting and a call agenda. This helps us keep all our goals and KPIs in one tidy place. This process holds everyone accountable (part of our core value of transparency). 

Generally, we can be up and running within 5 business days after onboarding.  

If you need to start immediately, reach out to us and we make it happen. 

For all our client engagements, we offer a minimum twelve-month contract with flexible cancellations.

We are happy to report that we retain a 96%+ client retention rate and our clients prefer to stay with us on average for a period of 4 years+.

We attribute this strong retention to results (obviously), but also to our communication, transparency, and strategic feedback to incrementally grow your brand.

We do not have a set price because we don’t have a “cookie-cutter” or “templated” approach. We only provide a tailored solution centered around your business goals and long-term channel strategy as every brand is on a different growth horizon.

Having said that, simply reach out to us and we can provide you with a quote. 

It depends. We suggest ~8 weeks before our changes start having real impact, but in many cases it can be in the first 4 weeks. As highlighted by our case studies here.

Because we don’t have one “type” of client, there is no minimum budget to work with us. However, once we’ve had the opportunity to have a discussion surrounding your channel goals, we will then recommend a starting budget. We are flexible to your budget and have no problem shifting it up or down during our engagement.

We work with brands where we manage 5-figure/mo budgets, all the way to high 6 and 7 figure/mo budgets.

Note: This budget is specifically for ad spend and Laser Sight Digital will never take any portion of this budget for our service fee unless otherwise agreed. Our service fees are 100% separate from your dedicated marketing ad spend budget.

Sure, you can try and figure it out yourself. You’ll spend many hours and dollars inefficiently trying to compete with your competition, who may have an advertising team they already work with. We’ve audited enough ad accounts to realize that most advertisers can’t figure it out themselves for a reasonable cost or time.

Or you can hire internally and attempt to create your own marketing team. However, keep in mind that we won’t call out sick and you don’t have to pay us benefits/ health insurance, and we don’t take vacations (except on the weekends 😉). You’re always going to have support 24/7.

Even better together.

Your customer doesn’t live on one channel, which is why our services work holistically for maximum results. For Amazon Advertising, we’re partial to these pairings.

ready to take the next step?

Working with Laser Sight Digital, we’ll help you reduce the amount of time and effort you put into these steps, freeing you up to focus on more important things.

Book a strategy session with our team today to see how your product sales could soar!

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