How To Use The Amazon Early Reviewer Program for 3P Sellers on Amazon

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what is the amazon early reviewer program?

The Early Reviewer Program (ERP) is available to 3P Sellers on Amazon’s Seller Central looking to generate reviews on new products and/or products that don’t have enough reviews to be retail ready. More information can be found here (must be logged in to Seller Central to view link) or here (without logging in).

how does it work?

First off, you must submit the ASIN(s) you want to enroll via Seller Central. You can find the link to do so under the ‘Advertising’ menu. The ASIN(s) you consider for this program must be above $15.00 and usually must have five or more reviews, however, ASINs with less than five reviews might be eligible for enrollment in this program. Once you are approved, customers are emailed about reviewing your ASINs and are incentivized with a $1 to $3 gift card. You can track the performance/status of your enrollments in the dashboard in Seller Central. By the way, Amazon will continue to request customer reviews for up to one year, or until the enrollment has received five reviews through the program. 

how much is it?

The cost to enroll in Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program is $60 per SKU. Keep in mind you are only charged for parent-level ASINs/SKUs if there happens to be a variation. Another benefit is you will not be charged until the first review is generated. 

Note: You cannot opt of out the Early Reviewer Program once you opt an ASIN into it. However, Seller Support will occasionally make exceptions.

why Sellers should consider using the early reviewer program?

The ERP (Early Reviewer Program) is a great way to generate those much-needed reviews for products. It can help with retail readiness of an ASIN that a Seller/Ad Manager is wanting to delegate ad spend towards. We personally recommend it to our clients as a way of improving your detail page conversion rate and thus, increasing the efficiency of your Amazon Advertising for any particular ASINs that can benefit from additional reviews. 

The ERP also helps resolve some potential issues that 1P clients face who make the transition over to 3P. Some of these issues include ASINs being ineligible for Amazon Advertising due to the seller not winning the buy box, which can happen even if the price is lower. This often happens when a Seller is brand new to 3P and isn’t an “established” seller yet.

We believe there are many benefits to using the Early Reviewer Program and can jump-start most ASINs in need of additional reviews or increased exposure in the marketplace.


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