Everything You Need to Know About the Repeat Purchase Behavior Report

Repeat Purchase Behavior Report

The Repeat Purchase Behavior Report is one of many incredible reports  Amazon will generate for your brand and product on command. Like all the other reports, the Repeat Purchase Behavior Report gives you and your brand insights about your products and customers by displaying data about how customers engage with product purchasing online.

To put it simply, the Repeat Purchase Behavior Report is like when your local grocer notices they sell vastly more of one toilet paper than another. Customers seem to, repeatedly, come into the store and purchase that brand of toilet paper. Why? The answer to why is what the Repeat Purchase Behavior Report can answer.

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How to make a Repeat Purchase Behavior Report

Of course, it only makes sense to know how to make one of these before you can gather insights from it. To make a Repeat Purchase Behavior Report, be sure you have first registered your brand with Amazon, as only registered brands can create such reports. While this particular guide does not focus on the details of registering your brand, you can find out how to do so elsewhere.

If your brand is registered, it is simple:

Navigate to your Seller Central Homepage

  • Hover over the “Brand Analytics” tab located at the top right of your homepage.
  • Click “Brand Analytics” in the drop-down menu. This will take you to the “Brand Analytics” page.
  • On the left side of this page, you can find the “Repeat Purchase Behavior” tab under the “Consumer Behavior Dashboards.”
  • Click on the “Repeat Purchase Behavior” report button, which will then display a wealth of options for you to search.

From here, it is simple. You can change the category and subcategory, brand, reporting range, and as many ASINs as your search query desires. Next, we will talk about the power of this report.

The Repeat Purchase Behavior Report can tell you many things about your product and customers.

It will give you insights into customer loyalty, or in other words, how often a customer returns to purchase your products based on various factors. Perhaps your niche is so small that you are effectively unopposed. 

Perhaps the quality of your product is so good that customers always feel happy to stick with your brand. 

It does so by sharing data on the number of orders for a particular ASIN or brand plus the number of unique customers for an ASIN or brand. By comparing the number of orders with the number of unique customers, you can identify products or brands that have been ordered multiple times by the same customers in a time frame. If it looks like your product is attracting loyalty from many customers, that’s great news! That means your hard work is paying off. Maybe it is time for you to run an Ad Campaign on your highly trusted product? Customers love trustworthy brands because they want security in their purchases.

Additionally, imagine a scenario where you notice that one particular ASIN in your range garners repeat purchases around the same time every month or around the same time every year. These insights are invaluable to your future marketing or even future design choices.

Additionally, with this report, you can view your product range in the order of revenue generated from repeat purchases. If you notice there is a particular trend of which products are making you the most money, this allows you and your brand to reallocate resources to your highest performing products!

Returns Are Not Reflected.

We have all purchased a product on Amazon, only to realize it was not quite what we wanted, then returned it to Amazon. That is okay. That is all part of doing business, of course. However, it could cause a headache for brand owners when making these reports, as returns could throw a wrench in the data by confusing which products are being repeatedly purchased.

Rest assured, though, that these reports will come to you free from that potential problem, as the Repeat Purchase Behavior report does not display this information.

The Repeat Purchase Behavior report is one of the most powerful and interesting reports for any registered brand owner on Amazon. Analysis of this report can very quickly give you many possibilities for the future of your company and products. You can use the data to develop strategies to bolster sales in a product range that attracts repeat purchases or determine how best to increase the customer pool of repeat buyers. 

If you need help with your Repeat Purchase Behavior Report, the experts at Laser Sight Digital can help. Contact us today to learn more! 


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