Amazon Request a Review Button: Easy Way to Get Amazon Reviews

You already know that having reviews for your products on Amazon is critical to your success. So, as more shoppers turn to Amazon, generating positive Amazon reviews is even more essential than ever before.
Amazon recently introduced a new way to ask for reviews with the Request a Review Button. 
Let’s dive into what you need to know about this new feature.

How does the Amazon Request a Review Button Work?

The Amazon Request a Review button generates a product review and seller feedback request that is sent to the buyer by Amazon on your behalf.

The customer will receive an image of your product above five clickable stars so they can instantly review and rate your product. When the customer clicks the star ratings, they are taken to Amazon to complete their review or feedback. 


To find the Request a Review button, go to your Order Details page in Seller Central.

This is an example of how the message appears in a customer’s inbox:

Details on how this feature works:

  • The review request can only be sent 5-30 days after the order delivery date.
  • Messages will be translated automatically to the customer’s preferred language.
  • You cannot customize the message or the subject line and the customer cannot reply to the message.
  • If you are experiencing temporary message restrictions, you can still send a request with the Request a Review button.

The reason why you should use the Amazon Request a Review button

Besides the obvious advantage of directly asking your customers for their feedback and review, here are some reasons why it might be a great option for you.

1. It’s always compliant with Amazon’s guidelines

Given that the Request a Review button offers no customizable option, it means that as a seller you can be confident that the request will always meet Amazon’s communication standards and guidelines. Even if the rules change, there’s no way for you to alter the messaging, so you’re always in compliance. This may be the smart and safest way to request reviews for your products on Amazon.

Plus, you benefit from years of Amazon review data. This message is created to get results.


2. Better communication worldwide

The feature automatically translated the message in your customer’s preferred language, which increases the odds of getting yourself a new review. You benefit from Amazon’s knowledge of their customer and won’t have to guess if your message was translated appropriately or not. Requesting reviews can help increase sales, boost product visibility, and position your product higher in Amazon searches. 


3. You can automate it using FeedbackFive

Clicking on the Request a Review button for each of your orders can become a slow, boring process. Fortunately, you can automate this.

FeedbackFive allows you to schedule automation for the Request a Review button over a secure connection. You can set your timing rules and activate the campaign, allowing you to focus on other important tasks to grow your Amazon business. Let Amazon and FeedbackFive take care of the heavy lifting. 


4. Another way to get reviews

The new Request a Review feature is another way to get reviews as well as seller feedback, which is vital to your Amazon success and seller health. We know it can be challenging to generate those first reviews. With this feature, you know the message will be sent automatically to your customers and the message is clear, concise, and to-the-point. 


Amazon Request a Review: In Conclusion

The Request a Review feature for Amazon sellers is a completely TOS-compliant way to ask for reviews. If you have any questions about your review strategy, we are here to help.


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