Amazon Brand Registry: Why Should I Apply for the Program?

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Amazon is an incredible platform that offers businesses a huge potential for sales. It has a built-in customer base, and you don’t need to do all storage, packing, and shipping as well as credit card processing, inventory tracking, and sales tax collection because the platform can do all of these for you. 

Even so, the market is competitive, and you should be proactive in improving your brand visibility. Fortunately, you can utilize Amazon Brand Registry, a feature that boosts your chances of creating a bulletproof brand. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Amazon Brand Registry?

The Amazon Brand Registry is an effective tool introduced by the platform that helps your brand stay ahead of the competition. You only get to enjoy the advantages offered by the program if you partnered with Amazon and your application successfully gets approved. While it requires payment, this is worth your money. 

Here are some benefits you can reap from it:

  • Build customer engagement

Brand registration provides you with access to various features that showcase your products and make them distinct from the crowd, such as storefronts and videos. It helps you attain a high level of customer engagement, build customer loyalty, and raise awareness about your brand. This is a worthwhile investment because customer engagement matters on Amazon, and one of the best ways to achieve this is to start with the Brand Registry.

  • Keep hijackers at bay

Product hijackings are common on Amazon, and it is one of the worst disasters that have been happening to the platform ever since it launched. Unfortunately, it was adopted by the popular scammers of the top-selling items using copy-pasted product reviews.

Passing the Amazon brand registry application means you are choosing to defend the product from fraud, which provides you with a competitive advantage over the scammers. Because of this, you can build your reputation as a premium seller who follows all terms of quality created by the platform to filter the best-verified products.

In addition, the feature offers “Amazon Buy Box,” which helps the ownership fight fraud. It detects and reports about scam attacks over your listing items, then Amazon bans fakers and takes care of your authenticity.

How Do I Apply for Amazon Brand Registry?

The application process for Amazon Brand Registry can be time-consuming. To be identified as an eligible member of the program, you have to complete various requirements, such as the registered trademark, labeling, and original web store. 

You should possess a registered trademark of the product you offer on Amazon, show the labeling and packaging that reflect the name of your brand, and provide a link that shows the display of your goods. All of these are needed to verify the legal status of your business and prove that you are legit and trustworthy.


Pushing your brand way ahead of the competition can be difficult on Amazon, but by applying for Amazon Brand Registry and taking advantage of the benefits the program offers, you have higher chances of getting your brand recognized online and eventually making a mark in the industry. Whether you are an independent seller or a brand owner, you can skyrocket your sales and build a performance-oriented brand.

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