8 Of The Best Amazon Stores According to the Experts

Best Amazon Stores

Picture this: you’re walking through the mall, and you see 50 different stores that you can choose to shop at. They all sell shirts, pants, shoes, and accessories – however, not every store will have what you’re looking for. Some might have some hidden gems, but you won’t go inside because the store looks dark or messy. Some might have exactly what you’re looking for, but the store next door is nicer and the employees seem friendlier.

It’s no different when customers are browsing on Amazon. It’s no secret that you can get the same products from multiple sellers, but there are many factors that go into which stores are successful. And one of the main factors has to do with branding, or Amazon A+ Content.

When you’re shopping on Amazon, you naturally gravitate toward stores with great photos, graphics, copy, keywords, and a cohesive flow. As you build your Amazon store, consider looking at different examples of successful stores and choose elements that will work for you. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are eight of the best Amazon stores with great branding and content, according to an Amazon advertising company.

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Zinus is a great example of a store with great branding. They have a clean logo, professional photos, clear descriptions, and engaging video content. Their Amazon store has a consistent look and feel to it, making it feel like its own store within Amazon. This helps shoppers know that they’re buying from an established brand with high-quality products. 

best amazon stores
best amazon stores

CGK Unlimited has a clean, simple layout that allows visitors to browse through the items and find what they’re looking for with ease. Sometimes less is more, and in this case, it really works for the brand. They also have professional photos and videos with clearly written descriptions.

best amazon stores
best amazon store

Swedish Wholesale has a great homepage that sets the rest of the store up for success. They highlight their best-selling product, have positive reviews front and center, and explain with videos and copy what their products are and why they’re the best. This is another great layout if you want your store to feel personalized within Amazon.

best amazon stores
best amazon stores

Miracle-Gro uses a simple and effective branding method, giving their customers a straightforward shopping experience. They break their products up into categories, list the products, and include great photos and content in their listings.

best amazon stores

Traeger is a great example of all the ways you can customize your Amazon store to fit your branding and needs. They utilize photo, video, strong descriptions, and other visual elements to help their customers have the best experience possible.

best amazon stores

Similar to Traeger, Mountain Grillers uses many of the different customization options Amazon offers. They also have a “best sellers” section on their homepage that lets their customers browse their most popular products.

best amazon stores

Cuisinart’s page is simple, straightforward, and easy to navigate. The sections are simple to shop and the layout is clean.

best amazon stores

Sonoro Kate is another great example of a clean, easy-to-shop store. Utilizing video at the beginning of your store can be a good strategy if you want to tell your brand story to your potential customers. 

best amazon stores
best amazon stores

With these examples in mind, think of how you want your store to look and feel. The best part about selling on Amazon is that building a store is a fairly straightforward process, but you really get to make it your own with your branding and visual content. 

If you need help setting up your Amazon store, consider hiring an Amazon advertising agency to help. The experts at Laser Sight Digital are ready to take your store to the next level with beautiful branding and content. Reach out today to learn more. 


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