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Amazon Sellers have an uphill battle ahead of them. Not only must they stand out among millions upon millions of products, but they must also identify key competitors in their product range. It can make anyone’s head spin just considering all the factors that contribute to the overall market on a platform as large as Amazon.

Luckily, you do not have to do all this work alone. Amazon provides an invaluable report for sellers looking to get ahead of the competition or even analyze what else their potential customers are in the market for. This report is called the Item Comparison Report, and as an Amazon Seller, it should be your best friend.

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What Is The Item Comparison Report?

The Item Comparison Report first shows your top five frequently viewed products. Next, it will show what products were viewed alongside your product by a user during a specific report range you select. 

In other words, think of it like your Spotify account. You listen to one song, then Spotify recommends five other songs you would probably enjoy. However, with the Item Comparison Report, this is reversed. You can see what other products your customers are looking at whenever they search for yours, and most importantly, which products they are purchasing instead of yours. 

The Item Comparison Report allows you to weigh the pros, cons, and differences of many products as well as reviews, prices, and even item descriptions. 

Item Comparison Reports are powerful – they allow you to review and study key competitions, their pages, their reviews, and other integral information you will need when selling on Amazon. You and your team can learn whatever that missing factor may be on your page and replicate it or even improve on it. And what happens when you improve your page? Higher conversion rates.

Even if you do not sell your products on Amazon, the Item Comparison Report is a powerful tool because it provides crucial information for your website or niche store with an online storefront.

What Else Can I Do With The Item Comparison Report

Another crucial strength of the Item Comparison Report, and one reason we chose to write a guide on it, is that this report is not restricted to only your products. 

You can select any product on the Amazon marketplace and view its Item Comparison Report. This feature lets you discover new insights into top-selling items and learn why some customers may search for something in a related product range instead of a bestseller. Then you can identify a niche your product may already fill and tailor the product page to reflect that!

What Do I Need To Make An Item Comparison Report?

How can I use the Item Comparison Report? What are the best practices? Amazon makes it simple by allowing you to search up to 500 items by their particular ASIN, or Amazon Standard Identification Number, separated by a comma in the search field. 

Tweaking the number of ASINs will provide different insights, but it is crucial to know that these ASIN numbers will be the key at the beginning of your search.

With that knowledge, you can begin your search for the best of the best products on Amazon. These in-depth searches require a great deal of research on your part, where you will spend time tracking down keywords, potential products for your comparison points, and their features.

How Do I Make An Item Comparison Report?

First, you will need to participate in the brand registry. Make sure to check the Amazon Brand Registry if you are unsure if your store has the correct requirements to be a part of the brand registry.

Once you are part of the brand registry, you can start searching in the Item Report on your Amazon Account. You can find this in many different ways, but the simplest is locating the Help section on the Amazon Seller profile. You can then navigate through Monitor Feedback and Performance, Tasks & Tools, Brand Analytics, and finally, the Item Comparison Report. 

With your relevant ASINs, product ranges, customer intentions, reviews, and everything else you find pertinent to a particular search, you can now see where your competition is currently excelling and how you can outperform them. 

We hope this guide to the Item Comparison Report was helpful for you and your business. Amazon can seem daunting, but when equipped with the proper tools, any seller can give themselves an advantage and get their high-quality products to the people who need and want them most. For more information about how to excel as an Amazon storefront, contact Laser Sight Digital. Our Amazon experts are here to help grow your Amazon store and build your revenue.  


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