Your Guide to Amazon A+ Content

Amazon A+ Content

If you own a business on Amazon, you know that branding can make or break your success. You’ve done your research, studied similar brands, and have come up with a great brand guide for your business, but when you’re selling on Amazon, it can be hard to portray that brand exactly how you want to. 

The lack of brand customization on Amazon has brought up some problems for sellers, leading Amazon to offer a feature called A+ Content. A+ Content allows sellers to edit the product descriptions of branded ASINs, create a unique brand story, use enhanced images, and customize text placements. 

There is a lot to learn about Amazon A+ Content, so this blog post will discuss the basics of what you need to know to start seeing success. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • A+ Content Overview 
  • A+ Content Costs & Fees 
  • Creating an A+ Content detail page 
  • Details, Guidelines, & Best Practices
  • Deciding if A+ Content is Worth It

Table of Contents

Amazon A+ Content Overview

As mentioned above, A+ Content allows you to edit the product descriptions of branded ASINS, create a unique brand story, use enhanced images, compare similar products, and customize text placements. According to Amazon, “This feature is only available to professional sellers who have been approved as brand owners through the Amazon Brand Registry process, as well as emerging brand owners who are part of certain managed selling programs such as Launchpad and Amazon Exclusives.” 

Once you have approval, you’ll have the ability to add A+ Content to the products that are in your approved brand catalog. Because A+ Content provides high-quality multimedia content that takes your branding to the next level. On average, we see our client’s conversion rate increase anywhere from 5-15% by implementing strong A+ content. 

Here’s what you’ll get with A+ Content:

  • Comparison chart 
  • Single image and sidebar
  • Four image highlights
  • Single image and specs detail 
  • Single image and highlights
  • Image and text overlay 

Because the A+ Content is such high quality, it typically results in brands seeing higher conversion rates on their products. This is another reason you should sign up for the Amazon Brand Registry – it can help drive revenue and grow your business.

A+ Content Costs & Fees

There are two different versions of A+ Content: Basic and Premium. 

If you have the basic version, you get five standard modules for free. However, if you hire an in-house person or an agency to create the content for you, you’ll be paying them for their skills, expertise, and time. You will also pay a flat rate for your detail page. 

If you have the premium version, you’ll get 16 extra modules and additional features such as video loops, hover and click, slider galleries, testimonials, the “subscribe and save” option, FAQs, and more. These features are all great to have when you’re selling products on Amazon, but the premium version of A+ Content is very exclusive and invite-only. Because of this, Amazon can negotiate pricing with the seller on an individual basis. The premium pricing is typically between $250k and $500k. 

In this blog post, we’ll focus on the basic version of Amazon A+ Content.

Creating an A+ Content Detail Page

  1. Submit a promotion request

To do this, go to your Vendor Central, hover over “Advertising,” then click “A+ Content Manager.”

  1. Create your A+ Content

If you choose Self Service, you’ll have the ability to create the product, pick your layout, rearrange the content, and customize it to fit your specific needs. Once you select this option, you’ll be able to enter the product’s ASIN. 

You will have 12 modules to choose from, and you can have five of them on your product page. The standard modules (10 options) are great if you have multiple image shots or specific features you want to display to the customer. The advanced modules (two options) offer comparison charts, which can be a great asset to your product page. 

After you fill out and review your detail page, you will submit it to Amazon. They typically have it up and running within seven days, but it does not take that long most of the time.

Details, Guidelines, & Best Practices

Details & Guidelines

Before you jump headfirst into Amazon A+ content, here are a few things you should know: 

  • A+ Content will not negatively impact your organic traffic. 
  • If another vendor is selling your same item, A+ enhanced content will cost more. 
  • Any mention of competitors or their products is prohibited. 
  • Make sure your content (copy and photo) is unique and well-done. 
  • If you violate Amazon’s terms and conditions, they have the right to remove your A+ page. 
  • Once Amazon publishes your page, you can make modifications for two days. After that, your page is final. 
  • Your A+ Content Manager allows you to see the desktop and mobile versions of your page simultaneously. 

Best Practices

  • Check for errors – Checking for errors and typos is important when it comes to your content page. If you realize that there are errors after you submit your page for approval, you’ll need to re-submit and it will be a pain for you. Ensure that your content is perfect and that it doesn’t contain any forbidden symbols, trademarks, or website links before you submit it. 
  • Check your photos – If you have issues with sizing or resolution, your page will be rejected. 
  • Use banners and charts – Banners break up the product detail page, and charts give the customer a way to compare products easily. These aren’t only visually pleasing, but they’re an important part of the customer experience. 

Design – Believe it or not, your page’s design can make or break your Amazon store. In general, you should have more visual than text and design your page to fit in with and compliment your entire brand.

Deciding if A+ Content is Worth It

Every seller is different, which means that A+ content isn’t the right solution for everyone. There are a variety of factors to consider, such as how much the product is already bringing in, how complex the product is, or whether competitors are using A+ Content.

Take a look at your products, metrics, and goals to consider whether Amazon A+ Content will be worth the time and effort for your business. It’s also a good idea to talk to a professional. If you want more guidance on A+ content, the Laser Sight Digital experts are here to help.


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