Why You Need A Social Media Marketing Agency in 2019

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You have a business that is probably flourishing (or not). You may be asking yourself why you need a social media marketing agency. This generation of consumers is arguably the most informed when it comes to purchasing products or services. Their information comes from the web, specifically social media. Gone are the days of the ‘grapevine’ and ‘word of mouth’. Now, the word of mouth is on the web. Your customers are talking about you, engaging with you, can ‘like’ your posts or express dissatisfaction. Either way, there is a level of engagement that has never before been possible. So, how do you bridge this gap between you and your customers?

Clients & customers

You’ve already probably guessed it, through social media. But how? Do we just hope that your clients find you on the internet and pray that they push ‘follow’ or ‘like’? No. A social media marketing agency’s function is to grab customer attention, engage them, and grow your customer base. This is done through managing your social media. This includes creating engaging posts, creating discount offers or sweepstakes to promote brand awareness. Managing your social media, however, won’t be enough. You need niche marketing to expose your company to as many potential clients/customers as possible.


Not a market major? Confused about how to run an effective Facebook/Google ads campaign? This is where your social media marketing agency steps in. For example, Laser Sight prides itself on creating custom marketing campaigns for your specific niche/industry. Why would we target customers between the age of 18-22, when your main customers are aged 40-65? Through consistent and custom marketing, you will be able to get the attention of your audience and drive them to your website/store. From there, the goal is conversion. What good is it if you run a successful ad campaign, but no body buys your product or service?


The goal is to help your business effectively promote your brand across social media channels in less time and money, and ultimately convert your audience into paying customers. A good social media marketing agency runs analytics and reports to find out what content is converting into paying customers and what is not. There can be many factors, but the ability to fix your marketing campaigns on the fly is the difference between wasted dollars and revenue growth.


Without an effective strategy, your competitors will sneak up on you and capture your customers. Aligning your business goals with your social media strategies will enable your business to grow harmoniously because it leads to better results if everyone is on the same page. For example, simply posting content won’t get the job done. How do you know that your content is contributing positively to your business? It could even be putting customers off your brand. Without identifying a target audience and working towards capturing that audience, your marketing won’t be effective. Using the wrong hashtag may you a lot of attention, but what if the demographic is the complete opposite of your product or service. Having a clear strategy will help eliminate any wasted resources and money. If don’t have an effective strategy, you’re leaving space for a savvy competitor to swoop in and dominate the social media presence in your niche or industry.

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