Why Are Keyword Tools Important For Amazon Sellers?

Why Are Keyword Tools Important For Amazon Sellers?

Search engines can find your service or product and make it more visible by using keywords. An Amazon listing with lots of keywords has a better chance of turning up in search results, which then boosts traffic and sales.

Amazon has a search engine of its own, which is similar to Google, but it doesn’t always adhere to the same search engine ranking principles. Though one aspect all platforms share in common is their emphasis on keywords.

Keyword tools can help ensure you are using the right keywords to get your business noticed. In this article, we will go into further detail on why keyword tools are essential for Amazon sellers. 

Why Are Keywords Important For Selling On Amazon?

On Amazon, keywords are crucial since the search algorithm gives them a lot of weight. Customers must first locate the listing before they can make a purchase. Also, as Amazon is all about conversion, Amazon gives text match relevancy of an item to a customer search priority above all other factors.

The relevance of text matches, which include terms in a listing’s title, bullet points, and product description sections, directly influences Amazon’s ranking. Amazon will take your listing into account if a term in one of your sections matches a keyword that a user types into the search bar.

Of course, other elements also have an impact on rankings. These consist of cost, sales velocity, and availability. Your sales velocity is heavily influenced by elements you have direct control over, such as keywords, pricing, and availability.

All the factors that affect how a product is ranked on Amazon come down to your keywords. Since it guarantees that a buyer can discover your competitively priced and readily available product.

Why Should You Try Ranking High On Amazon? 

If you enjoy making a lot of sales and generating money, then you will want your listings to rank as high as possible. 

In fact, it is worth noting that around 70% of customers on Amazon will never search past the first page. In addition to that, it is known that 64% of customers will select the top three products found on the first page. 

Hence, it is vital that you get your product ranked as high as you can. You can do this by conducting keyword research using keyword tools. 

How To Complete Amazon Keyword Research? 

Amazon tends to be less concerned about how you utilize keywords because its main objective is to sell as many products as it can. As long as you stay within Amazon’s required character restriction, and do not jam as many keywords as you like in the titles, features, and product description. This process is called keyword stuffing and we want to avoid it.

Backend hidden keywords can be helpful for SEO. The Amazon search machine notices them, but customers never notice them. Backend keywords can be compared to the alt-text for photos.

Although knowing all of this is helpful, the true challenge is figuring out which keywords are used by your target customers and adding them to your listings.

Target Competitor Items – You ought to be aware of your Amazon rivals. Look through the top results after a quick search for your product, and see which keywords frequently appear.

Amazon Search Bar – The Amazon search bar offers suggestions for searches, often performed by others, that are related to what you have so far typed. 

Amazon is actually providing you with the relevant search terms entered by real customers. Start developing your keyword list by utilizing the search suggestions.

Compare Google Keywords – You probably already use keywords for your e-commerce marketing plan if you sell products elsewhere besides Amazon. Thus, check your Google ranking for the terms you are using.

Your goal is to translate your success from Google to Amazon by doing this. Millions of customers start their shopping queries on Google. Hence, similar keywords may be used on both platforms. 

Why Are Keyword Tools Important? 

Once you have conducted your initial keyword research, then you can use a keyword tool to help you target and gain in-depth insights into particular keywords. 

As mentioned above, you want to make sure you are ranking as high as possible on Amazon. Thus, you need to discover the right keywords with a high search volume, but low competition. 

Whether you are new to keywords or have been doing it for a long time, there are tools out there to suit everyone. If you are new to keywords, then, you only need a tool that will offer you the basic information that you require to help you get started. 

While for those of you who are on an advanced level, you can upgrade certain keyword tools that offer you a more in-depth look at keywords and their history or cost per click, etc.

Keyword Tools To Help With Keyword Research

As mentioned above, whether you are a newbie or more advanced with keyword research, there is a keyword tool out there for you to utilize.

Free Amazon Keyword Tool

Helium10 provides a keyword research tool that you can use. It is great if you are new to keyword research and are just starting to create your keyword list. The free tool only offers a few terms in comparison to the volume of searches. As a result, it is appropriate for an initial search but not for a thorough one. 

Sonar Amazon Keyword Tool by Sellics

Sonar Amazon Keyword Tool is also ideal for anyone new to keyword research as it will offer you a list of potential keywords and their search volume. The free version only offers you keywords that rank on Amazon’s first page of search results. 

You can pay for a subscription, which will offer you slightly more details, but they may not be in-depth. 

Keyword Scout

The Keyword Scout gives each keyword a thorough profile that includes past search traffic and competitor analysis. This is ideal for anyone who is already experienced in keyword research, as you are offered as much information as possible for each keyword. 

Three keyword searches per day are included in paid plans starting at $49 per month. For limitless searches, purchase the suite for $69 per month.

SellerApp Amazon Keyword Tool

The free edition of the SellerApp subscription includes the Amazon Keyword Tool, which offers vital data for your keyword research. It contains information on keyword difficulty and search volume. It also contains the projected monthly orders and the cost-per-click (CPC), which should help you understand how the product stacks up against the competition. 

The premium edition, which features keyword tracking and income insights, costs $49 per month. This is ideal for anyone who seeks deeper insight into the keywords that they are planning to use. 


Keyword tools are important as they help Amazon sellers take note of which keywords will help them to rank higher. This will then allow a listing to hopefully gain more traffic and make more sales. 

We hope this article has been helpful and that you now understand why keyword tools are so important for Amazon sellers.


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