What Is Amazon Attribution For Advertising?

What Is Amazon Attribution For Advertising?

Selling through Amazon is a great way of getting your products onto the marketplace. But as many sellers will tell you, it can be difficult to measure the effect that advertising is having on sales when using this platform. 

Enter Amazon Attribution. Designed for registered sellers, Amazon Attribution is a nifty advertising tool created by Amazon. It can solve the problem of measuring the impact of advertising. 

What is this tool? How does it work? Continue reading to find out. 

What Is Amazon Attribution For Advertising?

As mentioned above, Amazon Attribution is a handy tool designed for sellers. Namely, it helps sellers to better measure and understand the impact of their advertising on sales. 

This tool covers different marketing tools, such as email marketing, social media, and displays. This comprehensive guide will inform sellers of the return on investment (ROI) of these various marketing strategies. Moreover, sellers can better understand how customers find and purchase their products through Amazon.

How Does Amazon Attribution Work?

Amazon Attribution is a complex system that utilizes parameterized URLs. These parameterized URLs are also known as query strings. They can be used for tracking. Here are just some of the things that sellers can do when they have access to Amazon Attribution:

  • You can see where customers came from. Consequently, sellers can better direct their traffic. 
  • Sellers can identify the best and worst marketing strategies. These weaker strategies can either be cut off or optimized so that they better bring traffic to the products.
  • You will receive conversion metrics that are essential for sellers, such as the click-through rate. As a result, sellers can customize their services to suit these trends.

Who Should You Use Amazon Attribution?

Amazon Attribution is currently a free service, meaning that any seller can use it. However, these sellers must sign up for the Amazon Brand Registry. Another slight limitation is that Amazon Attribution is not available in all countries. Luckily, it is available in many countries, including the US, UK, Germany, and Canada.

Amazon Attribution is best suited to sellers who are interested in learning more about their customers. It can help you to better understand the trends of your customers, allowing sellers to adapt their products and marketing to better reflect this information.

How Can You Sign Up For Amazon Attribution?

As stated, Amazon Attribution is only available to certain people. So if you are one of these people, you can take advantage of this tool.

Signing up for Amazon Attribution is extremely easy. Through Sellers Central, you will need to fill in a form providing plenty of information.

Once you’ve signed up for Amazon Attribution, you can begin using this helpful tool.

How Can You Sign Up For Amazon Attribution?

After signing up for this service, you may be a little confused about how to use it. Luckily, it’s quite simple once you understand the platform. All you have to do is:

  1. On your account, go to Amazon Attribution. From there, click “Create campaign.”
  2. You will now be presented with two options. The first will allow you to make a new campaign manually. Meanwhile, the second option enables you to upload a file, thus enabling you to create campaigns in bulk. Pick whichever of these options is best for you. It’s perhaps best to opt for the bulk option, as this can save lots of time.
  3. Once you have created the REF URL through Amazon Attribution, you can then use that REF URL in your advertising to track the clicks and orders coming from your off-Amazon advertising efforts.
  4. Launch the campaign. Keep an eye on this system by checking the Attribution Tags.

What Are The Benefits of Amazon Attribution?

Amazon Attribution has become popular among some sellers for good reason. It provides a wide assortment of benefits, inducing:

  • More traffic can be bought to Amazon with the help of this data. Consequently, sellers can make more money.
  • Sellers can focus their attention on their most popular channels of marketing, allowing them to make it even more successful. 
  • Sellers will have a more thorough understanding of their customers, which they can use to their advantage. 
  • It makes calculating your ROI so much easier, especially if you have multiple sources of marketing. 
  • If you manage to increase the traffic to your products, you can improve your ranking. As a result, you can appear higher when people search for certain products.

The Best Amazon Attribution Features 

If you aren’t already convinced that Amazon Attribution is right for you, then you may want to hear about the fantastic features.

Customer Insights

Sellers need to have an understanding of their customers. Luckily, this service provides valuable insights into the trends of the customer. For instance, sellers can find out whether or not customers immediately add the product to their bag. 

Conversion Metrics

Conversion metrics are beneficial for any form of online marketing. Essentially, conversion metrics tell you how successful a seller is at converting their audience into customers who have paid for their products and/or services. 

These metrics are real-time, meaning that sellers can rapidly change their strategies. It also means that sellers are constantly on top of the conversion metrics.

Individual Tracking

With the help of this service, sellers can create separate tags for each different marketing stream. This is great news, as it gives sellers more individualized results. 

For example, they can find out if there is a marketing channel that is working better than others. Hypothetically, you could find out that you are getting a lot of traffic from Facebook Ads.

Important Considerations

After reading through this guide, you may think that Amazon Attribution is a flawless system. But the truth is that there are certain disadvantages to this system, as there are to any marketing tools. 

The first limitation of this service is that it is not available for all sellers. As mentioned, you must be a member of the Amazon Brand Registry. Plus, sellers must operate in one of the countries in which Amazon Attribution has been implemented. The reason why it is so limited at the moment is that Amazon is experimenting with this service.

Additionally, it will take 2 days for data to be backfilled once you’ve set up a campaign. It’s recommended that you wait for these two days to pass before you make any massive changes to your strategy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Amazon Attribution Worth It?

Yes, Amazon Attribution is worth it! This service is currently free to use. Despite this, it offers a wide range of benefits. Therefore, if you want to become a more successful seller, it’s definitely worth signing up for Amazon Attribution. 

What Is An Attribution Tag?

An Attribution Tag refers to a form of parameterized URL. Essentially, this means that it is a type of link to your products that can be tracked through Amazon. These tags are an important part of this service, as they provide lots of useful data to sellers.

Final Thoughts

Perfect for sellers, Amazon Attribution is a fantastic feature that should revolutionize the seller experience. With the help of this terrific tool, sellers can alter their marketing strategies, thus allowing them to make a larger profit. So why not sign up for Amazon Attribution for advertising?!


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