Types of Amazon Ads & Why You Need Them

Types of Amazon Ads & Why You Need Them

It should come as no surprise that businesses are boosting their expenses for advertising on Amazon, given that more than 50% of consumers use the site to find new products.

If you or your team aren’t making the most of Amazon’s advertising offerings, you should think about doing so.

In this article, we’ll go over the many Amazon advertising options available and how they can help drive traffic to your e-commerce business and boost sales.

What Are Amazon Ads?

When you enter a phrase in the Amazon search box and results appear, similar to how Google search operates, some of the top results will be sponsored products, which are referred to as Amazon Ads.

Advertisers can purchase these positions by bidding on particular keywords, which will increase their items’ visibility in the Amazon SERPs.

This will increase their product visibility on Amazon. When a customer clicks on the advertiser’s ad, the advertiser will subsequently be charged.

Types Of Amazon Ads

Amazon Ads have three different types of advertising for businesses to use to market their products. These are Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display Ads. 

Below, we’ll go through each ad type in more detail and why they can help your business grow and succeed.

Sponsored Product Ads

This kind of Amazon Ad advertises your goods on product detail pages as well as search results pages. Pay-per-click (PPC) Sponsored Product Ads are a form of advertising that focuses on one specific product.

You can manually or automatically target terms that are pertinent to your target customer using Sponsored Product Ad types.

The most relevant keywords for your products are identified and targeted by Amazon if you choose automatic keyword targeting.

You only pay for your Sponsored Product Ads when a customer clicks on them, just like other PPC advertising solutions. With that function, Amazon gives your company complete control over your advertising budget and keyword prices.

Your product must be brand-new, qualified for the Buy Box, and listed in a qualifying product category if you want to advertise it with Sponsored Product Ads.

This Amazon Ad option is available for more than 30 product categories, such as electronics, pet supplies, and appliances.

Why Use Them?

Sponsored Product Advertising can boost sales for recently released products, take the top spot in search results for certain keywords, and win over your competitors’ consumers.

A rise in sales will help your products’ organic rankings, and your conversions, clicks, and impressions will all rise as a result of your products being more visible in search results.

This creates a flywheel effect that strengthens your organic product rating and increases your product sales.

In summary, this kind of Amazon advertisement enables you to connect with customers as they look up and explore the products they intend to purchase.

Also, your team gains knowledge about the search habits of your target market thanks to automatic targeting and reporting tools. This campaign type has the potential to generate real results for your business and it is the highest ROI ad type you can choose with Amazon PPC. 

Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brands are more commonly referred to as Headline Search Advertising by many suppliers and sellers.

They are a form of PPC marketing that highlights your company’s name as well as up to three items.

Types of Amazon Ads & Why You Need Them (1)

Sponsored Brands use the same PPC advertising approach as other Amazon Ad types. Amazon bills your company for the ad when a customer clicks on it; you don’t have to pay Amazon for it to be displayed, but you do when a user clicks on it.

Another element of Sponsored Brands is keywords. Your team selects and competes for keywords associated with your product in your Sponsored Brands campaign.

Moreover, automated or manual bidding is a characteristic of this type of Amazon ad. With automatic bidding, Amazon automatically optimizes your bids, but only by lowering them; it never raises them.

If you opt for manual bidding, your organization or advertising firm will be in charge of managing your keyword bids.

You must make tactical bids for keywords related to your brand and merchandise. You won’t get a return on your investment if this doesn’t happen.

Why Use Them?

Your business can promote numerous new products simultaneously while increasing brand awareness and revenue with Sponsored Brands. Your exposure to customers is increased because your advertisement shows above search results.

Also, you can make unique landing pages where you can develop a creative and distinctive experience. It allows you to showcase your products using videos, image galleries, and more, as well as their characteristics and distinctive advantages.

Your business can influence customers to choose your brand and products by creating a unique landing page.

Sponsored Display Ads

Amazon’s Sponsored Display Ads are a viable option for advertising. They concentrate on how your product ties to consumer interests and focus on particular goods and categories that can provide your product with beneficial exposure.

Sponsored Display Ads employ PPC to advertise a product by focusing on the preferences of consumers or comparable products. These targeting possibilities are known as interest or product-based targeting on Amazon.

Your team targets customers based on their broader interests when using interest-based targeting. This increases the number of people your business can reach and strengthens your brand, both of which can benefit your bottom line.

Your team targets products on Amazon that are similar to, complement, or compete with them using product-based targeting. It’s beneficial if you want to outsell your rival or highlight the value of your product as an add-on purchase.

Sponsored Display Ads adopt a different strategy from other Amazon Advertising when it comes to connecting with your target consumer.

This kind of Amazon Ad looks for parallels between your product and buyer interests, product categories, and specific products rather than relying on keywords.

Sponsored Display Ads’ costs are influenced by a number of factors since they don’t rely on keywords.

To reach your target consumer, for instance, your team might need to submit high, aggressive bids if the market for your product is saturated. But, if your business operates in a niche market, your CPC may be lower.

Why Use Them?

Your business can cross-sell and upsell your products to customers in your target market using Sponsored Display Ads.

This kind of Amazon Ad enables your company to broaden its customer base and reach customers that the ads of your competitors don’t reach. With automatically developed campaigns that are designed for optimum conversions, they assist you in marketing your products.

Sponsored Display Ads also make retargeting simple. Although Amazon DSP enables you to accomplish this, the process is simpler and quicker, and you can access your display inventory without being constrained by Amazon DSP’s rigid rules.

Final Thoughts

Advertising your products using Amazon Ads is easy once you know the options available to you and what each can do to benefit your business.

Hopefully, you’ll now be more confident when deciding whether Sponsored Product Ads, Sponsored Brands, or Sponsored Display Ads are the best way to market your goods through Amazon Ads.


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