Google Ads for Amazon

Boost Your Amazon Sales by Bringing Shoppers Googling Your Product Straight To Your Amazon Product Listings. This strategy helps increase your organic sales and best-seller rank.

35% of Product Searches Begin on Google.
That's 3 Billion searches per day.

Our unique strategy of targeting customers on Google allows for us to generate high-quality mid-funnel traffic into paying customers. 

shows multiple ad platforms off-amazon being advertised back to amazon
  • Amazon spends $5 Billion a year on Google Ads because it works
  • 51% of shoppers surveyed say they use Google to research (Bloomberg)
  • 35% of product searches begin on Google
  • 3 billion product searches originate per day on Google

Why should you use this strategy today?

  • Grow market share
  • Capture mid-funnel customers
  • Lower Amazon PPC cost
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Capture share of voice (SOV)
  • Protect and grow the brand

It’s An Underutilized Strategy… for Now

Because this strategy is new, there are very few Amazon agencies offering this service to their clients – which means YOUR customers are on Google, but your competitors are not.

As CPC costs keep climbing each year, you can offset these cost increases because the Amazon Brand Referral Bonus Program gives you an opportunity to earn 10% of the sales if you can drive purchases to Amazon from off-Amazon channels. This alone can effectively reduce your CPA by up to 10%, allowing you to scale your ad spend and increase your ROI.

Boost in Sales & Ranking

By implementing a Google Ads to Amazon strategy, our clients are achieving an amazing increase in keyword ranking, an evergreen solution for consistent sales, and a higher best-seller ranking. No longer relying solely on Amazon Sponsored Ads.

Amazon Will PAY Part Of Your Google Ads

Amazon announced that they will pay 10% of your Google Advertising costs if you can drive a customer to their site with the Brand Referral Bonus Program.

Traffic from Google to Amazon

Driving traffic to your Amazon storefront is the first step to ensuring quality, high-converting traffic is hitting your listing. Once we determine a healthy ACOS for a keyword or phrase, we will then begin driving traffic directly to your Amazon listing and increase your sales in the process.

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