Increased revenue from $37,000 to over $300,000 πŸš€ – Amazon Ads Case Study for River Birch Candles

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The Final Result

We recently helped River Birch Candle Co. skyrocket their Amazon sales to over $300,000! This case study demonstrates Laser Sight Digital’s abilities to help a relatively brand new seller on Amazon achieve triple-digit sales growth of 158% in a competitive category!

Brand Overview

Home Decor

United States

2020 – ongoing

River Birch has been a client of Laser Sight Digital for a long time and we’ve been able to grow their sales from scratch as an Amazon new seller to over $300,000 in under a year! This duo is passionate about the home decor and decorative niche and makes all their products by hand.

The Challenges

Advertising – the client was a relatively new seller when they came to Laser Sight Digital. Their sales were under $4,000 per month. We knew that we needed to increase their ad placements because most of their listings did not have a lot of reviews. This was an uphill battle when you are advertising on Amazon.

Amazon Listings – In addition to beings a new seller, they also had very few reviews and their listings needed some work to increase their conversion rate. The titles weren’t optimized, the images were not high quality, and there was no A+ content on the page.

The Approach

As we always do with all new engagements, we started by auditing their listings, along with analyzing the market and its competitors. We then implemented the following:

1. Listing Optimization

  • We audited the client’s listings and provided feedback on areas of improvement. We walked them through how to optimize the title, main hero image, secondary images, and A+ content. Plus, we recommended strong backend search terms from the advertising reports that showed us how customers were searching for their products. We also recommended adding more variations as they had a lot of different colors and styles to choose from.

  • By providing feedback on Amazon listing best practices, the client’s team was able to implement high-intent keywords in their title, bullets, and description/A+ content. This alone increased their conversions by 62%!

2. Advertising

  • Similar to our other case studies, we created strong campaign architecture with the main keywords. We also created competitor targeting campaigns, video campaigns, and defensive campaigns to eliminate our competition from attacking our listings with ad placements. This allowed us to avoid customers from jumping to our competitor listings.

  • Furthermore, we created our unique top-of-search campaigns to allow our products to get the top placement on page 1 on Amazon. This led to higher CTR% and ultimately, higher rankings in our subcategory.

  • They are in a competitive niche, so we had to be careful with negating unrelated keywords so we don’t waste any ad spend.

  • Constant PPC optimization across all campaign types to drive brand awareness and conversion (sales is the game!)

The Impact

We’ve been able to increase their overall sales by 158%! And we’ve increased their average monthly ad sales by 358%. We also did this efficiently with a nice 29% increase in ROAS so their advertising campaigns became more profitable. We made use of every dollar spent for the best bang for their dollar.

Here are some performance stats:

  • In the first four months, we increased average monthly sales by 213%
    • So far this year, in only 7 months, we’re up 31% YoY in sales, with the rest of the year still remaining.
  • Increased ROAS by 11% within the first four months of working together
    • currently, we have continued to increase ROAS as this is an ongoing engagement
  • Ad sales increased by 62% this year
  • Soft Stats (Year-over-Year comparisons)
    • Ad Impressions increased by 100%
    • Ad Orders increased by 147%
    • CPC is decreased by 6% (we get cheap clicks 😊)
    • Ad Clicks increased by 91%Β 
    • Ad Conversion Rate increased by 28%Β 

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