40% YoY Increase in ROAS (return on ad spend) for TWO client brands πŸš€ – Amazon Ads Case Study for DKB Brands

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The Final Result

We recently helped DKB Brands with their two main brands, Zyliss and Cole and Mason increase ad sales by 140% in the first three months of the engagement. We also achieved 7x and 10x ROAS for both brands while doing this.

Brand Overview

Home & Kitchen

United States

2021 – 2022

DKB Brands is a large vendor in the kitchen space that is well-known in the industry and a market leader. They have multiple products in the top 100 best seller list on Amazon in their category. Their two largest brands are Zyliss and Cole and Mason. DKB Brands also has long-term success in big box retailers.

The Challenges

Advertising – This company needed help to elevate its messaging on Amazon. They were known in retail through traditional brick-and-mortar, however, the advertising strategy was quite simple. They created essential campaigns for the top sellers but never experienced any category growth or sales growth for the rest of the catalog.

Listings & Variations – Having such an extensive catalog, the current focus is not to advertise the entire product selection, but rather on a select few chosen products. The client knew they needed a better way for customers to find the rest of the catalog, but did not know how to implement best practices.

The Approach

We started by analyzing the catalog & auditing the listings to identify how we can improve their Amazon presence. We then implemented the following:

1. Listing Optimization & Variations

  • We audited the client’s listings and provided feedback on areas of improvement. Many of the products could be grouped together and variated on the same listing. Not only does this increase conversion rates but it creates brand trust among customers. Plus, it allows for upsells on different sizes and models.

  • By providing feedback on Amazon listing best practices, the client’s team was able to implement high-intent keywords in the title, bullets, and description, and improve the backend search terms. We used a combination of the analytic reports in ARA premium, along with our advertising reports, and third-party tools like Helium10.

2. Advertising

  • We amplified the presence of ad placements for top-selling products. However, we also create campaigns for the full catalog. They immediately noticed a shift in rankings and organic sales as we fueled the Amazon flywheel with our advertising efforts. Products that did not perform well in big box retailers began to excel with our Amazon Advertising strategies.

  • We created strong campaign architecture with the main keywords. We also created competitor targeting campaigns, video campaigns, and defensive campaigns to eliminate our competition from attacking our listings with ad placements. This allowed us to avoid customers from jumping to our competitor listings.

  • Furthermore, we created our unique top-of-search campaigns to allow our products to get the top placement on page 1 on Amazon. This led to higher CTR% and ultimately, higher rankings in our subcategory.

  • The client was very pleased that the full catalog was getting the support it needed.

  • Constant PPC optimization across all campaign types to drive brand awareness and conversion (sales is the game!)

The Impact

We accomplished their main goal of advertising their full product selection in a meaningful way that allowed for a strong customer experience and an incremental lift in sales through advertising and listing optimization.

In fact, when we were all on a call with an Amazon AE, they shared that the benchmark ROAS was 2 to 3x in their category, and Laser Sight Digital was able to achieve an average of 7x ROAS for one brand and then a 10x ROAS for the second brand. All while spending a similar amount in ad spend to its competition in the Marketplace. Enabling us to advertise multiple times more efficiently than the crowded competition.

Here are some performance stats:

  • Increased ad sales by 140% in the first three months (compared to the previous three months), while increasing ROAS by 17%
    • We were more efficient with the increase in budget and ad sales
  • Increased ROAS by 40% YoY for both brands
  • Ad sales increased by 18%

  • Soft Stats (Year-over-Year comparisons)
    • Ad Impressions increased by 71%
    • Ad Orders increased by 85%
    • Clicks increased by 101%Β 
    • CTR% increased by 32%Β 
    • AOV (average order value) increased by 40%

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