Successful October Re-Launch: 80% Increase in Ad Sales & 51% Increase in Total Retail Sales in Q4 – Case Study for Choose Friendship

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The Final Result

During Q4 of 2022, we achieved an 80% increase in Ad Sales year-over-year (+$650,000), and Total Retail Sales increased by 51% (over $800,000). The Total Revenue for the quarter was $1.5m compared to $820,000 in the same quarter the previous year, with a 19% lower CPC.

Brand Overview

In September 2022, Ascendant Brands, owner of the Choose Friendship brand on Amazon, partnered with Laser Sight Digital. Choose Friendship is a brand founded by a former automation engineer who developed a kid’s friendship bracelet maker after having a light bulb moment while babysitting his granddaughters.

The Challenges

Ascendant Brands needed an Amazon Management Agency that was equipped to perform timely adjustments, provide insights, and adapt strategies quickly to remain relevant in a market where the only constant is fast pacing. The Choose Friendship brand was going through a rebrand, so advertising efforts needed to be aligned with the new brand narrative and image.

We needed to adjust and implement data-driven strategies to expand reach and increase sales and profit. Campaigns didn’t just need to capture attention but also convert users into loyal customers.

In this case study, we dive into how we leveraged our knowledge, expertise, and the brand’s collection of data to launch during October, successfully setting up Choose Friendship for success during Q4 of 2022.

The Approach

Ascendant Brands had previously worked with Laser Sight Digital and the campaign structure aligned very well with our proprietary SOPs and strategies. There was a healthy amount of statistically significant data that could support decision-making early in the process. However, creatives needed to be updated to match the new brand image, and two new products in the same vertical were launching.

After strategic adjustments to the legacy campaigns, efficiency changes, and thorough keyword and ASIN targeting research, we ended up with an updated and layered campaign structure.

  1. We encountered some succesful campaigns during our audit, so we decided to keep and rename them so we could easily identify the strategy and intent behind them. As the old saying goes, don’t fix what’s not broken.

  2. Campaigns were segmented further, we needed to test new strategies for brand awareness, conversion, and return efficiency.

  3. We continued to diversify in ad types and match types as well as leveraging new keywords and ASIN targets.

  4. Two new products were launched under the same vertical. We leveraged the historical data of the ad account and began testing targets and ad placements.

  5. Competitors were increasing their market share and targeting our brand name keywords, so we expanded branded campaigns and increased the spend to make sure we continue to show up consistently on page 1 for our own brand name.

  6. Since we were being targeted by other brands, we needed to up our game on Brand Defense. We created a layered and strategic defense buildout and targeted our own brand ASINs. The new product launches were perfect for this as we were able to occupy more sponsored placements within our own product detail pages while minimizing competitor visibility. We keep customers within our aisle while at the same time showcasing new products of the same brand.

The Impact

During Q4 of 2022, the number of Units Sold increased Year-over-year by 62% (over 37,200), Ad Sales increased by 80% (over $650,000) and Total Retail Sales by 51% (over $800,000). The Total Revenue for the quarter was $1.5m compared to $820,000 in the same quarter the previous year.

In terms of engagement, impressions increased by 117% (over 53 million) while clicks saw a similar, 115%increase (over 220,000). We were able to decrease Cost-per-Click by 19%, bringing the average CPC down from $1.21 to $0.98.

We leveraged research, organization, structure, and assertive campaign management decisions to increase overall brand reach, market share, sales velocity, and top-line revenue substantially, with cheaper clicks. That is the power of Laser Sight Digital.


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