Increased Sales through Listing Optimization: + 86% Increase in Retail Sales during a price increase – Case Study for Blulyfe Products

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The Final Result

We strategically implemented back-end keywords to help mitigate the negative impact of a product’s price increase. This led to impressive results for a Firewood Rack ASIN, for Blulyfe Products.

  • The ASIN’s daily average retail revenue increased by +86% after a month
  • The BSR achieved a historical peak within the top #15 products in its category
  • Organic ranking improved by +51%.
  • Both advertising and organic sales experienced substantial growth, with daily averages increasing by +199% and +51% respectively the month after the adjustment period (July).

Brand Overview

This client is a Canadian brand that offers solutions for all firewood needs, prioritizing safety and efficiency. The top-selling products are their kindler splitter which offers both a safe and sturdy option, and a firewood storage rack which delivers a durable outdoor solution to storage. The brand partnered with Laser Sight Digital in February 2023, with a goal to help grow incremental revenue through Amazon advertising.

This case study focuses on how Laser Sight successfully applied a strategy to improve product positioning and mitigate the impact of a price increase on the Firewood Rack product.

The Challenges

A price increase on an Amazon ASIN can have benefits for the Seller, such as increasing margins and improving profitability. However, this price change can have some negative effects on the ASIN´s performance (both organically and for advertising), some of these include:

  • A decrease in Featured Offer % (Buy Box), impacting sales and visibility.
  • A decline in SEO rankings as price is considered by Amazon’s search algorithm when determining those rankings. If the ASIN´s price is higher compared to similar products, it can result in lower visibility in search results, leading to decreased organic traffic and sales.
  • A potential decline in BSR (Amazon Best-Seller rank) during the adjustment period of any product listing changes.

Advertising sales can see a drop, as well as engagement if consumers are reluctant to purchase the product at the updated price. Campaigns can also face an increase in cost (higher CPC) that can potentially lead to a decline in ROAS, as the algorithm considers price competitiveness when determining ad placements.

The Approach

Whenever you make a product listing change, the Amazon algorithm usually takes some time to reposition the product called the ‘adjustment period’ where performance dips before it improves. Additionally, this adjustment period, the negative or beneficial effects of product listing changes, and the long-term impact on a product vary according to the specific ASIN and its market.
The Laser Sight Digital plan to counter the effects of the price increase on the Firewood Rack product included:

  • Making sure that the price change and the back-end keyword additions were made simultaneously so that the algorithm repositioned the ASIN just once, reducing the adjustment time period more than if the changes were made separately. It also implies that Laser Sight Digital combined SEO optimizations with the price increase to revert the negative effects of the second with the positive impact of the first.
  • To continue to leverage Amazon PPC campaigns through the transition/adjustment period, where organic sales velocity and visibility can decrease, leaning on advertising during this time to lead retail revenue growth and make up the momentary dip in organic (before the improvement).
  • To conduct thorough keyword research designing the best combination (following best practices) of highly relevant back-end keywords to add to the listing. This will help ensure that higher visibility through improved indexing will lead to organic sales

The back-end keyword additions and price increases were made to the Firewood Rack during the last week of May. June was the adjustment period and July was the first month to see the full impact of the strategy, even during the first ten days before the Prime Day uptake in demand.

The Impact

One month after the addition of back-end keywords into the product listing, the ASIN was indexing/ranking organically with a +51% improvement in word frequency on highly relevant keywords. There was an overall uptake in revenue, both organic and advertised.

  • It took around a month for the ASIN to settle within the Amazon algorithm after the changes were made to the product listing. June was the adjustment month and even though the ASIN was still being repositioned it already started seeing improvements in sales. Daily average overall retail revenue increased by +20% MoM in June compared to May.
    • During this transitional period, MoM (month-over-month) growth was led by advertising sales as the daily average increased by +74% in June, while organic sales saw a -40% decrease. Success in anticipating the temporary drop in organic and leaning into advertising during this time to continue maximizing revenue.
  • The benefits of the backend keywords were most clear in July, where daily average retail revenue increased by +86% compared to the already higher sales in June – even before Prime Day when demand is expected to grow organically.
    • Strong growth led by both advertising and organic sales, daily averages increased by +199% and +51% respectively in July (before Prime Day).

Once the transition/adjustment period ended in June, the BSR (Amazon best-seller rank) improved significantly – resulting in the historical peak in performance for the product. Previously the ASIN ranked between #25-#50 and that improved to #13-#20 in just one month.

The increased sales velocity caused by the addition of backend keywords in the product listing successfully reverted the negative impact of a price increase.


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