Successful Late-October Client Launch: 25% increase in Total Retail Sales and 65% uptake in Ad Sales πŸ“ˆβ€“ Case Study for ARM Enterprises.

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The Final Result

During November and December of 2022, we increased visibility and performance year-over-year implementing strategic efficiency changes in account structure, and proper bid and budget management. Impressions increased by 180% YoY, Ad Sales increased 65% YoY (+$420,000) and Total Retail Sales increased by 25% YoY (+$398,000).

a chart showing the historical retail sales and their gradual increase by work done by Laser Sight Digital.
a chart showing the historical ad sales and their gradual increase by work done by Laser Sight Digital.
a chart showing the historical impressions and their gradual increase by work done by Laser Sight Digital.

Brand Overview

In late October 2022, ARM Enterprises, owner of two brands on Amazon, Perfect Pod, and Vinci, partnered with Laser Sight Digital. Both brands offer a wide selection of coffee machines, coffee filters, and accessories, catering to different markets.

ARM Enterprises wanted more brand awareness for their Vinci brand, their goal is to become a household name, so we needed to get in front of the right audience. On the other hand, Perfect Pod needed more efficient ad spending as the Average Sales Price of these products was much lower.

In this case study, we dive into how Laser Sight Digital leveraged its knowledge and expertise to create and implement a granular campaign structure and strategy during the last third of October that led to the successful launching and growth of these brands during November and December.

The Challenges

During the ad account audit, we found that campaigns were not segmented very clearly, and organization and campaign naming convention left a lot to be desired. We encountered a lot of keyword repetition within multiple campaigns. Budgets had been managed inefficiently, especially with keyword repetition and different bidding strategies for the same targets. We found campaigns with multiple ad groups with over 900 keywords. This was not a good way to distribute ad spend.

The old campaign structure relied heavily on Sponsored Products keyword targeting, and Sponsored Display was not being fully taken advantage of. November was just around the corner and we needed to do some serious cleanup and efficiency changes ASAP!

The Approach

After strategic adjustments to the legacy campaigns, major efficiency changes, and thorough keyword and ASIN targeting research, we ended up with a layered and granular campaign structure.

  1. We renamed any salvageable campaigns so we could easily identify the strategy and intent behind them.
  2. We cleaned up repeated keywords among campaigns that had an extremely similar build, targeting, and intent, and we split keyword banks between generic, non-branded terms and brand name keywords.
    1. Non-Branded and Branded terms were previously lumped together and we needed a much finer control over these keyword types.
  3. Campaigns were segmented further, we needed to apply different strategies for brand awareness, conversion, efficiency, and keyword ranking campaigns.
  4. We continued to diversify in ad types and match types as well as leveraging new keywords and ASIN targets.
  5. There was a wide range of product offerings with diverse price points, and we allocated more ad spend on higher ticket items or items with more profit margin to help increase the bottom line and not just top-line revenue.
  6. We needed to boost Brand Defense, so we created a layered and strategic ASIN Targeting build to target products of the same brand. Not only would this help with keeping customers within our aisle, but it would also allow us to discover cross-selling opportunities

The Impact

We understand how the Amazon algorithm works, and we were able to leverage organization, structure, and assertive campaign management and targeting decisions to increase overall brand exposure, and retail sales velocity, drive much higher ad sales, and accelerate the Amazon flywheel.

During November and December, we were able to improve visibility and overall market share. We achieved a 180% increase in Impressions (over 61 million!), Ad Sales increased 65% Year-over-year (+$420,000) and Total Retail Sales increased by 25% Year-over-year (+$398,000). These were huge wins, and immediate gains we were able to capitalize on by applying efficiency changes and leaning into our expertise and campaign management skills.


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