Facebook Ads Case Study: How We Generated Over 115 Leads for Our Fitness Client in ONLY 31 Days!!!

My team and I recently had had the privilege to work with a pretty unique Fitness Studio – Elev8.  This Fitness Studio offers personalized hot yoga classes.

While their Studio is only two years old, they had reached their maximum organic growth level. This meant in order to grow, they had to invest in marketing, so they reached out to us for help. 

When we first started working with Elev8, their sales had stalled and their organic outreach had been completely drained.

Less than one month in and we managed to turn that ship around, taking Elev8 from figuring out how they would grow their fitness studio, to having over 100 qualified leads ready to take their hot yoga classes!

Due to the high influx of leads, the client even had to hire two sales employees to keep up with the demand!

We managed to get all these leads for them at under $5 per lead!

I don’t know about you, but that’s a pretty good ROI for the Fitness Industry! Considering that each lead is worth over a $100/mo membership.

I’m about to walk you through exactly how it was done. I’ll show you where we ran ads, how different traffic sources performed, what had the biggest impact on the success of the campaign, and what I’d do differently next time.
a close up image of four women laying down stretching during hot yoga

Pre-Facebook Campaign…

Before the rollout of new Facebook Campaigns, we ran a full audit on their Ad Account
Some of the things we look for when running audits include:
  • Placements: Where have budgets fed to​
  • Optimizations: Facebook goes through phases where it will give preferential treatment/results to certain campaign objectives – we look to see if the brand was leveraging some of these optimization pockets to their advantage
  • Tracking and Pixel Health: We check to see what sort of data has been “seasoning” the pixel and if this data is being used to further improve results
  • CTR and CPC: This helps us to assess the fit between creative and targeting
Following the audit, the final step before going live with any campaign rollouts was to do a full “secret shop” of the user experience to ensure the funnel itself and buyer journey was ready for conversions.
In our initial findings for this, we discovered that the Client had a lot of five star reviews and a great community built around their fitness studio.
We also found that they did not highlight their reviews or community engagement on their landing pages.  We thought the client would be better off including the reviews of their satisfied customers. 
an image of a facebook ad which displays a close up image of four women laying down stretching during hot yoga

The Campaign…

Now that the funnel and campaigns had been properly assessed and that the brand was ready for traffic, it was time to go live with the campaigns. 
The Objective
We were tasked with increasing the amount of people interested in their Studio. They wanted more people coming into their gym.
We also recognized the huge importance in building a warm retargeting audience that could later be tapped into. 
The Hook
Because people often need to feel comfortable before choosing their fitness studio, we decided to offer a free week pass. This would allow potential customers to come in and try all the various classes the client offered. There, the client could provide their well-known service and up-sell the customer into a monthly membership.
an image of a facebook ad which displays a video thumbnail of women doing TRX hot yoga

And here’s an example of one of the landing pages it directed traffic to – you can see here, it’s less of a sales page and more of an informational page that provides video testimonials and a promo video of their fitness studio. This invites users to put themselves into the funnel and claim their free week pass.

a screenshot of a landing page displaying an unlimited one month pass to hot yoga

The Funnel

We started off using a conversion campaign with a video and image to a cold audience to build up a large and healthy custom audience that could be used for retargeting.

We used placements like right hand column and desktop but the clear winner for conversions was mobile.

The Results

The single biggest change was “tidying” up the ad accounts, optimizations and improving the user experience to stabilize leads and drop the cost per conversion- the secret sauce was adding the video testimonials and reviews, which allowed for mass scale. 

an image of a facebook ad account that is highlighted in a red rectangle the 115 leads generated by laser sight digital

The brand continues to scale and grow and is estimated to hit over $85,800 in revenue in the next twelve months. 

While the brand continues to scale and grow, it is on track for $13,200/month revenue. It’s important to mention here the fact that we they are offering a quality product with a history of amazing customer service and a great close rate. That’s important! If you’re trying to sell your fitness studio membership when your service isn’t good or you have a low close rate or follow up system, it really doesn’t matter how good your marketing is.
We can’t wait to see what our next Fitness Studio brings in! 

What Our Clients Say

P.S – if you’re skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was… you can request a free strategy call to have myself and my team personally audit your business and ad campaigns and advise on how to scale and succeed with FB Ads!

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