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Client Results - 2020


What would it look like in your business, if you could generate 10x the amount of sales you're currently generating without wasting thousands of dollars on ad spend, every month?

That’s something we do all the time for our clients. We generate them an average return of $10 for every $1 they spend on advertising on Amazon.

We 10X their sales every single month. Not just during Prime Day or in Q4.

How are we so successful?

We owe it to our strategy (which is constantly evolving every year.)

While the average return on Amazon PPC is only 3X ROAS, we are averaging more than double that return with our strategy. We beat every other advertising agency out there, plain and simple. (hint: anyone can get a high ROAS by using branded search terms. We do it with both branded and non-branded new customers).

Our proprietary strategy leads to lower cost per clicks, higher click-through’s and impressions, but more importantly, a high ROAS.  

And our clients are pretty happy about the results 😊

Go ahead and swipe through the screenshots below for proof ⬇

Now that you’ve got the proof you need, let’s grow your Amazon Revenue!


10x your sales:

If you’re even remotely interested in growing your sales through Amazon Advertising, then let’s talk, today. We’re confident we can turn around your marketing efforts regardless of who was handling your marketing in the past.

lower your cpc:

We have several low cost bidding strategies so our clients do not waste thousands of dollars on advertising. Other agencies haven’t yet figured out the “secret sauce” that we use here at Laser Sight Digital.

increase your product's seller rank

Our strategies allow for our client’s products to be consistently placed at the top of search, allowing for an increase in click. We all know that if your product experiences more clicks, it then tells the A9 algorithm that this is a good product. The affect is an increase in your product’s rank and an increase in sales.

working with us

dedicated account manager

We have a dedicated account manager per account to ensure the level of quality and attention. You’ll have re-occurring meetings with your account manager to go over all Amazon Advertising KPI’s (key performance indicators). We have clear, easy-to-read, transparent reporting to make this process enjoyable and progressive.

Complete synergy

We work WITH YOU when it comes to your Advertising. We take into account PO purchase rates, inventory levels, core ASINs/new ASIN launches, etc. Due to our collaborative approach, our clients never feel like they are ‘lost in the dark’ when it comes to their Amazon Advertising Strategy.

consultative approach

Our key differentiator between us and other agencies is that we become your consultants to your Amazon business. We’re not just your “advertising guys”. We are constantly scanning your Amazon listings and making recommendations to your detailed product pages. Whether that be title recommendations, bullet fixes, product description or listing errors, we’ve got you covered! We let you know as soon as we see something wrong so that you can fix it to maximize your conversion rate and sales!


Please view some of our client reviews below.

ready to take the next step?

Take your Amazon business to the next level. Our team of Amazon experts includes ecosystem experts, brand managers, ad strategists, and — most importantly — fellow entrepreneurs that are invested in your company’s success. It only takes a few minutes to chat with us — contact us today and let’s get started!

We're Here To Help You Grow Your Amazon Sales & Rank.


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